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About us

The Big Issue Zambia Street Paper is a social business focused on responsible entrepreneurship and innovation. Its first aim is to empower individuals who are currently socially disadvantaged and economically challenged giving them a proper job as vendors of a truthful and independent magazine.

The magazine’s content is accurate, relevant and balanced with analytical and on-the-spot copy beneficial to Zambian citizens. The value added of The Big Issue offering is in its commitment to the vendors who collect 50% of the magazine cost price as an income which will translate in Zambians getting a benefit of literature while being charitable through the purchase of the magazine.

The magazine is published by Launching Visions Publications and the whole project has been made possible with the assistance of the Scottish Executive Development Fund.

Work on The Big Issue Magazine started in February 2007 and in August-September of the same year, the magazine was launched to the public in order to develop job opportunities for the more vulnerable groups in the Zambian society such as the youth, women, the disabled and HIV/AIDS affected people. Since inception, the project has involved more than 140 vendors and at the moment up to 20 people are consistently working to sell the magazine.

The Big Issue is an internationally branded street paper established in London in 1991 and then spread all around the world to 10 countries. The Big Issue Zambia is also a member of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) and in May 2009 won the 2009 INSP Award (in the picture underneath, Samba Yonga at the ceremony) for the best cover campaign with the ‘Education Issue’.


To provide strategic and advisory support to the organization, a board of trustees has been also constituted with stakeholders from a wide ranging sector.

  • Pete Harvey, Unicef chief of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education in Zambia
  • Dickson Jere, Statehouse Press Office
  • Adam Mcguigan, Barefeet theatre group member
  • Mbiliya Chisala, chartered accountant for UsAid
  • Monica Eisenberg, life coach
  • Mark Haimbe, media lawyer for Mobi Tv
  • Samba Yonga, editorial