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INSP_logoThe International Networ of Street Papers supports street paper projects worldwide to create employment for homeless people. The network connects over 100 street papers in some 40 countries and supports new projects in the developing world. Through the network, street paper members receive advice, training, consultancy and access to funding, and benefit from sharing resources, experiences and mentoring.

Street papers are independent newspapers and magazines that provide unique employment opportunities and enterprising social programmes for people experiencing poverty and homelessness. Vendors buy copies of the street paper at a price of 50% or lower than the cover price, then sell the street papers, keeping the proceeds. In addition to employment, many INSP street papers offer their vendors ongoing social support.

INSP has assisted over 250,000 poor and vulnerable people since 1994, with a particular focus on the developing world.

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Beginning in 2006, INSP started a two-year ‘Focus on Africa‘. Alongside capacity-building initiatives for existing INSP members in the region, INSP has drawn upon the vast collective knowledge and experience of our global membership to provide systematic training, consultancy and project management for the following new African street papers:

  • The Big Issue Ethiopia – Launched November 2006
  • The Big Issue Kenya – Launched January 2007
  • The Big Issue Zambia – Launched August 2007
  • The Big Issue Malawi – Launched January 2009
  • Clin d’oeil, Burundi – Launched February 2009
  • Catapult, Nigeria – Nigeria Street Paper Initiative
  • Additional work is presently ongoing with a local group in Zimbabwe.
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