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The Work Issue

Volume 1, issue 5 – September 2009

2009 looks like a year of many changes, good ones and bad ones. For one Obama was elected into office, that has to be a progressive development. He is a big thinker, wants to be all inclusive and has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve for the world and he is a black man, the world is indeed changing. We are waiting with baited breath to see how the next ten years unfold. However it may not be all up to him, the world has its own plans…

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  • Decent Work = Decent Living: True or False?

Samba Yonga asks why hasn’t Zambia’s jump in Gross Domestic Product resulted in better lives for most of us?

  • Does Tourism Really Benefit All?

Zambian tour operators can benefit some or many. Aaron Leaf goes looking for the good ones.

  • Small Loans, Big Results

Hellen Stockdale reports on a Micro-Credit program in Lusaka’s Garden Compound that’s allowing some of Zambia’s poorest to start businesses.

  • Kicking it into High Gear

World Bike Relief provides transportation solutions for rural Zambians. By Aaron Leaf.

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