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VENDORS_LusakaThe Big Issue vendors work, they do not beg.
Our Vendors sell the magazine and earn themselves half of the cover price for each copy sold and its through this work that they sustain themselves and their families.
Most of them live in the outskirts of Lusaka, within the poorest dwellings also known as compounds which surround the capital city. Our vendors then trek into the inner urban zones of the city just to sell the magazine.

The Big Issue vendors are independent, they set their own schedules and manage their own time.
For all our vendors, selling the magazine is a real chance to improve their lifestyle.

Read some stories from The Big Issue vendors clicking on their pictures below.

VENDORS_beauty_martha_miniature VENDORS_Victor_miniature VENDORS_Ronald_miniature VENDORS_Rodgers_miniature


VENDORS_Catherine_miniature VENDORS_Agness_miniature

Before selling the paper, vendors go through a training session and sign a code of conduct that requires them to behave within certain guidelines.

When they are on the street, The Big Issue vendors wear an orange bib and a badge.

Please do not buy from a vendor without them and do not give any donations to our vendors because The Big Issue does not raise funds through them.

Check the map to find out where you can buy the magazine in Lusaka

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