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VENDORS_Catherine_pageWhen they explained her how The Big Issue works at that workshop in Febraury 2009, she thought at first that it would have been too difficult for her selling magazines. But then, when she couldn’t afford to buy the dress for the wedding where she was the bridesmaid, Catherine decided to try.

And it was worth because she has really good selling skills. The first day she sold 25 copies and she earned enough money for the dress. With the 15 of the day after she could afford even a new pair of shoes. So, after the wedding, she got more and more involved in the project and she became quite soon the assistant of the vendors coordinator Ernest.

“Before The Big Issue –Catherine says- I did’nt work, I had just some volunteering for my Church. My husband, who is a security man, was the only one working in my family, but with 5 kids at home (three mine and two of my dead sister) was not so easy”. Now, even if she still lives in the Misisi compound, life is a bit better thanks to the small Big Issue salary and she can also plan to fnish her grade 12 at school and keep on working in the social field with a better qualification.

In fact, Catherine she doesn’t work only for the money: she loves this job. And the the enthusiasm which she speaks about it with shows it clearly. “At the monent, -she explains- we are keen on finding some vendors who can become Big Issue ambassadors and help me recruiting new people in Lusaka. But, in the future, I hope we are going to expand the projects also in other cities, like Livingstone. We really need it something like The Big Issue here in Zambia!”.

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