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VENDORS_Charity_pageCharity is the chairperson of her woman’s association within her community of old Kanyama compound. Upon BI Zambia’s recognition of her contribution to her community, she was invited to attend a workshop in the month of February 2009 and was enlisted into the Vendor Programme.

Through her induction into the Vendor Programme, Charity, a tailor by profession, was happy to find alternative means of earning another income – taking into consideration the death of her husband and remaining the sole bread winner for her children and extended family of five.

“I sell most of the magazine –Charity says– to a friend in Siavonga who owns a guest house. In this way tourists and business people alike can discover our project.”

She added: “I sell ten copies at the time and in a way help spread The Big Issue circulation outside Lusaka. I think Livingstone would be a great place to sell The Big Issue in the future.”

With the money from sales, Charity is able to feed her sons and nephews (she is mother of eight, but some of them are now independent) and, when there is something left, she contributes towards the improvement of her own tailoring business.

“I like selling –she concludes– because it allows me to interact with different classes of individuals. The Big Issue is a great tool to help Zambians in getting to know each other better: some people in Lusaka don’t even know how life is like in the compounds – The Big Issue gives us a voice!”.

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