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VENDORS_Ronald_pageAt the age of 61 (almost 20 years over the zambian life expectancy of 42), Ronald has still enough energy not only to sell The Big Issue magazine, but also to lead a self help group in the old part of the Kanyama compound where he lives.

With other twenty people, he has created a small association that puts money together and lend it to one of the member to start a business: a sort of self-help microfinance association.

Even with the efforts of the self-help assosiation, life in compounds is still hard, especially if you have a wife and seven children like Ronald. As such , when they had the chance, some memebers of the self help group decided to also start trading in The Big Issue. “I sell in town –Ronald says- but also in schools and offices. It’s a good deal and I hope some new vendors will come on board soon”!

Have a look to all the vendors pictures in our Flickr gallery “The Big People”…


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