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VENDORS_Victor_pageVictor Shaba sells The Big Issue for his family and for his passport. He has been working as a vendor since February 2009 because he absolutely wants to earn enough money to join up with his family that have been living in the United Kingdom for the last seven years.

In Nottingham, his wife works as a nurse, and his four children are pursuing an education in the country and realising good grades. Having not had any problems with intergration, Victor’s family have all acquired british citizenship – all of them except Victor whose story begins some years before in the Copperbelt.

Victor used to live with his family in Kitwe, while working in a good job at Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM), but had an accident underground with a pump upon which he was dismissed. This action from former employers led to his decision to leave the country and start anew in England.

Though everything was going well for him and his family in England, Victor needed further threatments after his accident and had to return to Zambia, therefore losing his opportunity to obtain the new citizenship (which requires 5 years in the country).

Back home, he rented a room in Kanyama compound (western part of Lusaka) and started his new job as a vendor as a means to an end through which he would not have to be dependent on his family abroad. “I try to advance the magazine to companies such as hotels and restaurants –Victor says– and institutions; especially the University of Zambia. It’s a good job because I can meet a lot of people to talk about  with!”

Victor, now in his fifties is almost ready to fly back to his family in Nottingham. But without forgetting The Big Issue Zambia. A lot of problems can be published through the magazine in order to help our country to solve them – he asserts. When I am back to Nottingham I want to cooperate with my family and other Zambian expatriates to increase the subscribers base for the The Big Issue Zambia in the Uk.

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